When there is a new version available of a certain game, you can download it from the page of that game as usual. You can also keep your file from the previous version to the new version. You can always download the latest version for free.

Step 1

Download a game from the Velisoft website and put it on a different location than the older version so you don't override your data. Open both folders and make sure that both versions aren't started while you transfer the data. Now cut the save file from the old version.

Step 2

For example, do you have your data saved on file 2? Cut save file 02 and paste it in the folder of the new version. In Eling, this file is named 'Save02.lsd', in Shindra Duel Adventures this file is named 'Save2.rvdata' and in Twell this file is named 'Save2.rxdata'.