The 'Contact' function is a game-mode in Shindra Duel Adventures that allows you to transfer your data to an expansion pack with 'Shindra Duel' in it's title. (When this is available.) This function is made to be prepared for the future so the player is not required to download any update.

If there isn't any game with the title 'Shindra Duel' in it besides Shindra Duel Adventures then this function is useless. However, when there is an expansion pack for Shindra Duel Adventures, you can follow these steps.

Step 1

Download the expansion pack from the Velisoft website and put it on any location of your computer. Open both folders and start Shindra Duel Adventures first and load the save file with the monsters you want to transfer to the expansion pack.

Step 2

Access the main menu (with the Q key) and choose for the 'Contact' option. You will access the Contact menu, choose for the 'Start' option. You need to save your game and remember the file that saved your game. You will be send back to the main menu.

Step 3

Leave your Shindra Duel Adventures game and open the folder of the expansion pack for Shindra Duel Adventures. Have you saved your data on file 2 for example, cut or copy the 'Save2.rvdata' file.

Step 4

Paste this file in the folder of the expansion pack. Open the game of the expansion pack and choose for the 'Load' option at the title screen. Load file 2. (Or any other file when you saved it on an other file.) When everything is done well, the game will start with your data.