Any questions about Velisoft? You can send an e-mail whenever you want, but the answer to your question might be on this page.

There is a new update for a game! How can I transfer my data?
What is the EOC and how can I create my own profile?
What is the 'Contact' function from the main menu of Shindra Duel Adventures?

What is Veli Mode?

This is a game mode that you can find in every Velisoft game. The function of the mode can be different in each game but the main goal remains the same: communicating between the website and the game.

On each game page of this website, you can find a password. You can use this password for Veli Mode in the game.

The outcome of every password is different but it is always an advantage. You can think about extra challenges, a new item or even a different version of Veli Mode.

What is a Golden Version?

A Golden Versions is a limited edition of a game. You can recognize a Golden Version by the golden title screen. Every Golden Version has an exclusive password that doesn't work on the normal version. Make sure you always use this password.

I'm stuck! What can I do!?

When you can't continue because you have no idea what to do, please check the instruction manual of the game. You can also send an e-mail.

I think that I found a bug.

Have you find something that's not right while playing an Velisoft game? Make sure to send an e-mail. There will be a new version released to will fix that problem and we can find a solution for you.