Version 1.0.0 Twell
Discover the world of Twell in this amazing adventure.

Password: RP4AGS12

This fantasy adventure is about you as a player waking up in this world named Twell. You don't have any memory from before and the only thing you can do now is explore what this world has to offer.

You will explore 8 unique dungeons, discover many secrets and visit multiple populated locations.


Quest items
The Q-Item will be used in a lot of situations throughout the game. They will help you solving puzzles and reach certain areas. You can use a Q-item by pressing the Q key on your keyboard. You can use the Q+Shift keys on your keyboard to quickly change your Q-item.


Change your character

The look of the character depends on which equipment you have. All combinations are possible and in some situations you need to equip older equipment.

Twell: Sword of Light


Side quests
At the start of the game, you can see all the side quests in the start menu. Once a side quests has been completed, they will be marked as completed.

Battle Mode
Some extra challenges can be found in the Main Menu. You can unlock new challenges through your adventure. (Or buy them after you finished the game.)


There is much more to show, but it's up to you to discover all features.

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