Shindra Duel Adventures

Version 3.1.6 Shindra Duel Adventures
"Maps are beautiful and engaging, the sidequests and puzzles give variety to the game."
- Ilan14, RMN

Password: 380916075

Shindra Duel Adventures is an RPG that plays with more than 50 monster cards to battle, to trade and to train with to create your perfect team. Each card has it's own movesets, weakness, levelspeed and status. There are different types that are effective against other types and each card has it's own specialty.

The cards
Each card has it's own movesets, weakness, levelspeed and status. How do you train your team and what makes you a good Shindra Duel player? There are three colors of Shindra Duel cards. Grey cards are the normal cards, the red cards are rare cards and yellow cards are the legendary cards.

Puzzle elements
There is more than just battles in this game. You can solve side-quests that are not always related with the battles and there are some puzzles to solve while following the story.

Side-quests, trades, battles and many secrets
Shindra Duel Adventures has a lot to offer and there is a lot to discover. Battle against every character you meet and check their status, every character has different cards in his possession and they sometimes want to trade with you or they have a side-quest for you.

EOC (Ever Online Center) allows players to battle against other real player without the need of an internet connection. Players can easily create their own EOC profile on this website and show their team. Customize your character and show it on the EOC.

Fusion Center
You can merge two cards into a new card with Fusion Center. This is a game mode for those who seek to create their perfect team.

Veli Mode
Make sure you regularly check this website for new passwords. It allows you to new areas and it let's you receive new cards.

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