Eling: First Dimension

Version 3.0.2 Eling: First Dimension
"The guy who made this game knew what he was doing."
- Solitayre, RMN

Veli Mode password: 90 54 27 81 12

This game is created after some experiments with RM2k3. Use different power-ups, play various stages and defeat several boss battles. Discover an overworld and spend your earned coins for new possibilities.

The overworld
The overworld is a small world that you will visit every time you load the game, finish a stage or decide to leave a world. There are many secrets in this world. You can collect more coins and more crystals (the item to progress your game) here. You also need to find all the other worlds here. You can't use stage power-ups here but you can buy overworld power-ups that allows you to discover secrets. You can even combine the overworld power-ups to discover even more secrets.

Eling: First Dimension has various stages to enjoy. Every stage is different with different gameplay elements. Some stages has races, some are platform stages, boss stages or bonus stages. There is an overworld where you can choose your own way and discover many secrets. You can see how many stages you have completed in the status screen.

The shop allows you to spend your collected coins. You can buy power-ups for the overworld that allows you to discover new worlds or you can buy power-ups for the stages. These power-ups make the game a lot easier. You can use these power-ups in a stage by pressing the 'Shift' key.

Yellow Star

Enemies won't hurt you for 20 seconds.

Orange Star

Enemies won't hurt you for 60 seconds.

Purple Star

You can jump further.

Red Star

Fire won't hurt you anymore.

Green Star

Poison won't hurt you anymore.

Blue Star

Heals all damage.

You can also find these power-ups to progress within the stage. For example, the Purple Star is needed to jump further.
You can jump 2 spaces by pressing the '0' key.

After you've got the Purple Star, you can jump 3 spaces by pressing the '0' key.

This can be combined (for example) with the Fire Star so Fire won't hurt you AND you can jump further. So be prepared for some brain breaking puzzles.

Main Menu
There are a lot of extra modes to enjoy. After you defeated the final boss, you will unlock Free Mode. In this mode, you can explore all stages in one world.

Keep checking your progress with the status option. Complete certain goals and receive new gifts.

Veli Mode
Make sure you regularly check this website for new passwords. It let's you receive free power-ups.

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